Salt Therapy

We are pleased to announce the debut of our Salt Therapy Sanctuary. We are excited to be one of very few to offer this wellness modality in Volusia County.

Commonly called Salt Therapy, Halotherapy is derived from the Greek halos, meaning “salt.” Salt therapy is used as an alternative therapy to treat a number of different health conditions. It is a modern-day therapeutic method based on the principle of the natural salt mine microclimate (Speleotherapy), where frequent exposure to the salt produced healing results for miners and others experiencing respiratory illnesses. As you relax in a comfortable, peaceful, climate-controlled room (or sanctuary) surrounded by mineral salt,  salt micro-particles are emitted into the room and passively enter your lungs to initiate the healing process.

It has been a proven an effective treatment for Asthma, Seasonal allergies, Bronchitis, Sinus infections, Sinusitis, Emphysema, Cystic Fibrosis, Whooping Cough, Ear Infections, Tonsillitis and a wide range of skin conditions. Salt Therapy is not a new modality for wellness and health. It has been used dating back to the twelfth century and has a similar wellness benefit as bathing in mineral rich springs.

Trace minerals are an essential part of maintaining good health. Salt offers an abundance of these vital minerals. Through the process of Halotherapy and Halogenerators, extracting the benefits of health for personal health is a wonderful, 100% natural way to resolve various number of health issues, both mild and chronic conditions.

Our goal at Amabella Wellness Spa is to always provide you with holistic ways to feel beautiful, support your lifestyle and find well-being through relaxation and inspiration.



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