7 Tips for Living a Wellness Lifestyle

Whether you’ve decided to make a change or it’s been part of your life for years wellness is a lifestyle. A visit to McDonald’s isn’t what’s on your mind following a yoga class. A yoga session will likely bring out a craving for a nutrition filled juice or fresh greens. You’ll have a similar experience following a salt room treatment or deep massage. This is often followed by the urge to spend some time with like-minded people. This is the start of your wellness lifestyle.


Here are 7 tips to kick off your wellness year:

  1. Drink a cup of tea – Enjoy the little things and sip on an herbal cup of tea. Breath in the fresh steam and feel the warmth. On those stress filled days that give you the urge to reach for a cocktail try brewing a cup of tea instead.
  2. Meditation or yoga  – Find your zen in a meditation session or yoga class. There is a reason this practice has been around for centuries. Escaping the noise for a few moments is a perfect recharge.
  3. Fresh, whole foods  – Your body really is your temple. Fill it with nutrition. Reduce the amount of processed foods in your daily diet. Add fresh whole foods to every meal.
  4. Massage out the tension  – Stress and tension are a part of life. Don’t ignore the knots in your neck and back. See a massage therapist to work out those kinks. Getting a massage treatment may seem like a luxury but it’s actually providing your body a much needed relief.
  5. Take care of your Skin  – Be good to your skin. Keep it clean with a regular skincare routine. Drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. The sun can do damage to your skin all year not just in the summer.
  6. Dark chocolate – It’s not only a delicious treat, dark chocolate is loaded with the best antioxidants. Live well and indulge in this sweet and healthy reward.
  7. Try a natural remedy to relieve health conditions – Colds and allergies are unavoidable. Next time you feel that tickle in your throat or the itchy eyes coming on try a natural remedy instead of cold medicine. For example, salt therapy has surprising health benefits to a number of health conditions.

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