Make your own romantic body scrub with these easy recipes.

Running out of ideas for a romantic evening at home?

Try a romantic body scrub on your partner. The session is not only a cleansing necessity it’s a natural mood booster with the right partner.

Amber Romance Scrub

In a Large Bowl blend the salt and sugar together.   Using a folding motion, add oils and continue folding till mixed and covered evenly.  

Stir in Fragrance Oil and then add coloring, one drop at a time till you achieve the desired yellow tint.

Store in an airtight jar and enjoy this wonderful home made body scrub whenever you want.

Chocolate Body Scrub

In a Medium Bowl mix all ingredients together, now add the mix to your 4 oz Jelly Jars and you’re all done!
Easy to use, and when stored in an airtight container can last up to 6 months!

Honey Lavender Bathmelts

I know some folks dont have a scale in their home kitchen, so ¼ cup is about the right amount. Melt the butters together, using a stove top or microwave.  Break open a tea bag and measure out ¼ Teaspoon of herbs and mix with the butter, stir until blended.

Put your silicone mold on a cookie sheet. Take your essential oils and drop 2 drops into each heart in the mold. Then pour your melted mixture into the mold.

Allow to cool (I stuck mine into the freezer for 20 minutes) and then pop your melts right out of the silicone tray. This will make 15 melts, 1 per bath is the normal recommended use.


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