Aftercare: Botox & Xeomin

Results of your treatment may take up to 14 days to take full effect although many people will recognize the benefits in 3-5 days after treatment. Xeomin and Botox injections are temporary procedures. In most people the benefits last about 3-4 months. Sometimes a few wrinkles may start to return in 2-3 months. The effectiveness of the injections will last longer with successive treatments. For most patients, the benefits of injectables and dermal fillers can be enhanced by using a medical-grade skincare system, such as Obagi. Products containing Vitamin-C can strengthen the skin and improve laxity and texture. Additionally, use of Retinol Cream helps rebuild cells in the skin’s epidermis (or top layer). Over time, it can strengthen skin, improving firmness and resiliency.


Botox & Xeomin

  • Do not consume excessive alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure
  • Do not do any aerobic exercise for 24 hours after the procedure
  • Do not massage the areas treated
  • Do not have any facial massages, facials or put any excessive pressure to the areas treated for 1 week after the procedure. This should include avoiding scuba diving or wearing tight fitting helmets.
  • Do not go to sleep for 4 hours after the procedure, and try to sleep lying flat in bed the night after the procedure
  • Try to exercise the muscles treated for 4 hours after the procedure. So keep smiling, frowning etc.
  • If you get any small bruises do apply ice and arnica cream. Mineral based make up can be applied immediately after the procedure
  • If you bruise easily, you may want to take arnica tablets for 1 day before the procedure and for 5 days afterwards.
  • Try to avoid sun beds and saunas for 3-4 days after the procedure.
  • In the case of underarm sweating treatment, do not use any deodorant for 24 hours.
  • If there is anything which is not clear, or if you are not sure that results have come up to your expectations, do contact us and arrange for a free 2 week follow up.